Laboratory Diagnostics

Laboratory testing, like in human medicine, are an essential part of diagnosing your pet's sickness. They can help us determine how the body is working on the inside.

Our hospital is proud to offer several in-house Laboratory tests including....

 - Chemistry Panels

Checks values of organ functions

 - Complete Blood Count

Checks red/white blood cell values

 - Specific Hormone/Medication values

 - Heartworm and Tick-Borne Disease Test

 - Blood Glucose (diabetic testing)


We also offer outside lab testing...

 - Royal Canin DNA Genetic Health Analysis

This genetic test can:

1. Determine the breeds that make up your dog, comparing your dog's DNA to the unique genetic signatures of more than 250 breeds, types and varieties of dogs.

2. Help create a proactive plan for your dog's health care with more than 130 genetic mutation tests including MDR1 for drug sensitivity

3. Predict your dog's likely adult weight and size, providing a benchmark you can ensure your dog stays at a healthy weight.

4. Other precise nutritional guidelines and feeding recommendations based on your dog's breed make-up.

For more information about the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis visit

 - Blastomycosis

See our Illness of the Area Page more information

 - Nelco Allergy Test

Just like us, allergies can affect our pets all year round or seasonal. Not treating allergies in your pet can lead to skin issues, ear infections, scratch wounds and more. If your pet is experiencing major to severe allergy symptoms, they may be eligible for the Nelco-Vet allergy test! This widespread blood test measures antibodies in the bloodstream specific to environmental allergens (grasses, trees, dust, molds, etc.) and foods (chicken, beef, fish, at.). For this test, a small blood sample is sent to Nelco-Vet.

 - Pathology/Cytology

Typically done with lumps, a sample is sent to a certified pathologist who looks for malignant vs cancerous cells.

 - Horse Coggins (EIA)

Nationwide blood testing for equine infectious anemia. This test is required for crossing state lines/travel, many trainers, horse shows, rodeos, and most reputable sales.

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