Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I get my dog/cat fixed?

Between 6-14 months depending on breed and size

2. Do I need to get the Lyme vaccine if my dog is already on flea and tick prevention?

Yes, it is always recommended to do both. This provides almost 100% protection. It's like wearing your seatbelt and having an airbag.

3. What steps can I take to help pay for my pet’s healthcare?

CareCredit offers a great payment plan that is easy to use and affordable.

Keep a pet savings. Just like us, we never know when something may happen to our pets. It's a good idea to keep a fund ready for those situations.

4. Is it necessary for my pet to receive the rabies vaccine?

Yes, is it considered a core vaccine in pets and the Rabies virus is transmittable to humans. 

5. What do I do if my dog is bitten by a tick?

If the tick is still attached and you are comfortable removing it, start by using tweezers. Grab the head/mouth of the tick to make sure both the body and head are removed. After pulling off the tick, watch for increased redness, irritation, or swelling in the area. If you suspect it's a deer tick, watch for fever, lameness or lethargy in your pet.


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